The Governing Body and staff of Ormiston South Parade academy (OSPA) are committed to delivering an education to our pupils that will make them confident and successful individuals and members of society. We want to teach our pupils that they should strive to make a positive contribution to the world but recognise that this can only be achieved if pupils first believe in themselves and then have high expectations of themselves and others.

Ethos and Mission Statement

This ethos is underpinned by the academy’s commitment to the 5 Rs:

We want our pupils to be: Respectful, Responsible, Resilient, Reflective and Resourceful

And in the academy’s motto: Believe in Yourself!

The 5 Rs are continuously referenced throughout everything we do in our academy. However, they are also taught and actioned through our ‘Enrichment Programme’. This programme brings together the following elements:

  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development
  • Personal, social, health and emotional (PSHE) education
  • Citizenship studies
  • Raising Aspirations programme
  • Understanding of British Values

In this part of our website you can find out about our enrichment programme. We are continually developing this programme so if you have any ideas that you think would benefit our pupils in any way, then please do get in touch.