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Annual Results

OSPA is very proud to present the results of the 2022-2023 academic year. The progress made by our pupils in Key Stage Two is exceptional and reflects the hard work and dedication of both staff and pupils.

AreaAcademyNational average
Early Years 
Good Level of Development72% 
Key Stage One 
Year 1 Phonics76%79%
Reading- Expected Standard66%69%
Reading- High Standard25%TBC
Writing-Expected Standard64%61%
Writing- High Standard23%TBC
Maths-Expected Standard73%72%
Maths – High Standard32%TBC
Key Stage Two 
Combined-Reading/Writing/Maths-Expected Standard79%59%
Combined-Reading/Writing/Maths-High Standard22%TBC
Reading-Expected Standard91%73%
Reading-High Standard42%TBC
Reading-Progress Score3.0 
Writing-Expected Standard81%71%
Writing-High Standard31%TBC
Writing Progress Score3.3 
Maths-Expected Standard91%73%
Maths-High Standard51%TBC
Maths-Progress Score5.0 
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling-Expected Standard93%72%
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling-Greater Depth31%TBC