Admissions Criteria

Nursery admissions procedure

Parents are informed by letter that the school is able to offer their child a place in the Nursery. Towards the end of the term prior to admission the Nursery staff will carry out a home visit.  This will give parents the opportunity to discuss their child in privacy, pass on any relevant information and complete medical, contact and permission forms.  During this visit it will also give the staff member the opportunity to view the child in his/her own surroundings and allow the child to meet their group leader. Children will be invited into nursery for a stay and play taster session prior to their intake.

For any admissions queries please contact the office on: 01472 231659.

Main school admissions

There is one intake at the beginning of each academic year for pupils into the Reception class. A meeting is held with parents in the Summer Term to give out necessary information.

In the term before the children are due to join school they have opportunities to go into their new classroom and meet the teacher.  They spend time with the teacher talking about themselves, listening to a story and joining in with activities.

On their first day in school the parents are invited to meet with the class teacher whilst the children settle in. This provides an opportunity for parents to air any concerns they may have and for the school to explain the different expectations of school.

In-Year admissions

In-Year admissions are dealt with by the Local Authority admissions team. The Local Authority contacts the school so that we can make arrangements to admit a child.  The school then arranges for the parents and pupils to meet a member of the Senior Leadership Team and discuss the schools aims and policies.  They are also given a tour of the school.  This procedure is the same for parents and pupils considering placements in the school from outside the catchment area. (The school has an admission limit of 75 pupils per year group.)

School Admissions Code 2021

Apply for a school place

Oversubscription Criteria

If more applications are received than there are places available, the oversubscription criteria shall apply. Parents whose application is refused will be offered the right of appeal. All appeals are handled through the Local Authority, contact details can be found below.


North East Lincolnshire Admissions Team telephone number: 01472 326291 option 4

Further information on admissions is available on the North East Lincolnshire Council website.

For information on how to appeal if your child is not offered a place please visit: North East Lincolnshire Council Appeals Form and Guidance