Pupil Premium

At Ormiston South Parade Academy we always strive to ensure that all children make at least good progress. As well as quality first teaching, our pastoral care, rigorous monitoring and tracking of all pupils helps us to identify any pupils who are at risk of not making sufficient progress and enables us to plan and implement intervention strategies.

The profile of our school shows that an average of 50% of pupils are eligible for Pupil Premium funding each year.

Our Academy uses Pupil Premium to support the learning of the target group of pupils and to close the attainment gap between these and other pupils. 

The government provides Pupil Premium funding for schools in relation to the number of pupils on roll who: 

Are in receipt of a free school meal 

  • Have been in receipt of a free school meals at any point in the last six years 
  • Are from a Service family 
  • Are in Local Authority care

From April 2014, funding will also include pupils who:

  • Have been adopted from Local Authority Care 
  • Are subject to Special Guardianship arrangements 

The DFE offer the following guidance on how the Pupil Premium is to be spent: 

‘In most cases the Pupil Premium is allocated to schools and is clearly identifiable. It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium, allocated to schools per FSM pupil, is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility…[Schools] will be held accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support pupils from low income families.’ 

The per pupil rate from 2023- 2024 is £1,480 per pupil. 

Funding Allocations 2022-2023: 

Pupil premium: £327,375 

Recovery premium: £32,770 

Funding Allocations 2023 – 2024 

Pupil premium: £329,673.13

Recovery premium: £32,523.14

The Pupil Premium strategy is a 3-year strategy which is reviewed annually.