Reading is at the heart of the curriculum and is taught across all curriculum subjects.

Our reading curriculum is designed with 5 key goals in mind.

  • To provide a wide range of high quality texts and genres across the curriculum for pupils to enjoy
  • To provide multisensory strategies to enthuse and engage children enabling them to develop their phonological awareness
  • To expose the children to a wide range of vocabulary so they are confident and able to articulate their ideas and communicate effectively
  • To equip pupils with the ability to read widely and fluently for pleasure and information to be able to access and read a wide range of material through all areas of the curriculum
  • To ensure children have a sufficient standard of reading to enable them to be successful in life beyond school



Reading is taught daily as a discrete lesson across all stages alongside phonics in EYFS and KS1. In early years we focus on word reading and as the children move further through the school, we develop reading fluency. In key stage 1 and 2 we use a skills based approach where children are taught a reading skill, given the opportunity to practise and apply it and then it is all brought together and applied to comprehension tasks. This ensures children can read fluently and have a thorough understanding of what they have read. We also follow Power of Reading for our English lessons (see below for more information).