Modern Foreign Languages

MFL teaching at Ormiston South Parade Academy is delivered through the study of French in Key Stage 2. At OSPA, we believe that the learning of another language enriches the life skills of our pupils in an ever-changing world. Furthermore, we aim to inspire an enthusiasm and joy for exploring the language and culture of another country. By learning how to read, speak and write in French, our pupils will be equipped to experience a world beyond the immediate locality. By being able to communicate in another language and by being able to appreciate another country and culture, our pupils will have developed a new perspective on the world. By the time the children leave, we want them to have a firm foundation in a foreign language upon which to build in subsequent years at school and beyond.

The delivery

In the classroom, teachers create a positive atmosphere and reinforce the expectation that all children are capable of achieving high standards in French. Our approach to the teaching and learning of French involves the following;

  • Opportunities to read, write, listen to and speak in the language. Each lesson is structured to introduce new vocabulary which the children will learn and use in speaking, listening, reading and writing tasks.
  • French is planned in topic blocks by the class teacher at the start of the academic year ensuring previous learning is revised and built upon to provide a greater depth of knowledge and understanding.
  • Through our planning, children are encouraged to ask their own questions and are given opportunities to use a variety of media to engage in the learning. Lessons are primarily delivered using the critically acclaimed ‘Rigolo’ scheme which uses engaging activities such as animated sequences, video clips, songs and interactive whiteboard tasks.
  • Children record their writing in their French exercise book and have full access to French dictionaries, texts and games which reinforce their literacy skills.
  • Teachers present new language visually and aurally, showing correct pronunciation and gestures to reinforce understanding. The class teacher uses precise questioning in class to test conceptual knowledge and skills, and work to plug gaps and overcome misconceptions that arise.
  • Through lessons, the children learn about the country and the culture as we follow the central storyline of an English family moving to France. Teachers create opportunities to compare and contrast to life in the U.K.