Out of school club

Our Out of School Club (OOSC) is open term-time only, for children from Reception to Year 6.

Our aim at the OOSC is for all children to feel welcome, valued and respected, giving them the confidence to join in and feel as they belong as a part of the setting.

Parents often wonder why they should use Out of School Clubs, especially when they don’t work. What some parents don’t realise is that OOSC doesn’t just look after children when parents are busy but offers a service and opportunity for children to socialise with friends and experience different opportunities.

At our OOSC we promote independence and allow children to experience risk in a safe and relaxed environment. All activities are chosen by the children, who do their own risk assessment beforehand, highlighting the dangers and how to eliminate these.

Activities provided at the OOSC, puzzles, games, lots of craft, building models, painting, cooking, sports, messy play, outdoor play and many more.

We offer an Activity session, providing a little more flexibility.  Children booked into this session are to be collected at 4.45pm.  If you book your child in to the full After School session they can be collected any time from 4.45pm until 6pm.

Please note places in Out of School Club are limited and operate under strict ratios for staff to children to ensure the best care we can provide.  Occasionally we will be unable to accommodate requests for extra sessions, booking is made on a first come basis.

Arrivals and Collections

The OOSC staff escort all of the children to and from their classrooms at the beginning and end of the school day. Contact details will be taken on admission.

Food and Drink 

The OOSC is committed to providing healthy, nutritious snacks and drinks for all children during our sessions. Every effort is made to ensure that food and drink is safely prepared and sensitive to the dietary, religious and cultural requirements of every child.

All members of staff have up to date food hygiene certificates and are fully trained in food storage and preparation. Water is available throughout the sessions and all children are given an afternoon snack to keep them going until they get home for tea!

Outdoor Play

The OOSC provides outdoor play every day and in all weathers, therefore you must ensure your child has appropriate clothing each day i.e. coat, scarf, sun hat, sun cream and appropriate shoes. Those children without appropriate clothing will not be allowed to take part in outdoor activities.

We promote independence encouraging the children to put on and do up their own coats and shoes. All children will be given support and help if needed.

Sun cream and sun hats must be provided by parents/carers before allowing your child out in the sun. Children will apply their own sun cream with supervision from staff. Sun cream and hats are returned at the end of the summer.

Term Time

Breakfast Club8.00 – 9.00£3.50Breakfast
Activity Session3.15 – 4.45£4.00Light snack
After School3.15 – 6.00£7.50Snack

For more information please contact the office.